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Go Big or Go Home with these Monster Large Scale RC's!

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Large Scale RC's

Not getting enough action running standard RC's? Try beefing up your experience with our Large Scale RC collection!

No obstacle is too big for these monstrous vehicles. Race across dunes or around a track, climb mountains and hills, dominate the skate park, the choice is yours!

With Large Scale RC Trucks, RC Buggies, and RC Crawlers to choose from you're sure to find the vehicle of your dreams!

These huge RC's aren't for the faint hearted but if you think you're up to the task, you can master one of these amazing machines.

The Large Scale RC hobby is in a league of it's own, find a local track and get racing today!

you'll be amazed every time you fire up one of these massive vehicles and the thrill will never cease!

All of our Large Scale RC's come Ready to Run right out of the box.
Become the best of the best and put these huge RC's to the test!